India / Chennai 26.November: The Executives Colloquium  - a first success story despite Deepawali and the flooding around Chennai. About 45 Industrial leaders discussed and analyzed the need for industrial skill set building in India.

Welcome speech by his Excellency, Mr. Achim Fabig, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chennai


Germany / India, November 2015 Executive´s Colloquium How tackling the skills gaps in India will improve the productivity and efficiency of your plants. Gerindtec and Festo cordially invite you to join our complementary workshop. We will analyze skills issues, discuss which role a company can play and inform you about how to tackle current (training) challanges. Please download here the Invitation.


Germany, November 2014 Gerindtec to promote the AK-DOS system to eliminate anthropogenic trace elements, a growing number of sewage treatment plants are relying on a fourth purification stage with powdered activated carbon (PAC). Waste water that has already undergone conventional treatment is mixed with PAC, which bonds with pollutants and then either settles or is filtered out. The carbon is removed with the remaining sludge in the sedimentation basin. The fourth stage with PAC improves water purity and reduces the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the treatment plant.


Chennai, November 2014 Mr. Michael Hayward and Bruce Lobb of Ecoplus Australia visit the Gerindtec MEH Desalination Demonstration unit in Elavur. Ecoplus is using the Multi Effect Humidification (MEH) water purification system originally developed by MAGE, Germany. Ecoplus have purchased the technology and it’s Intellectual Property from MAGE in 2012 and has since made significant improvements. It is a decentralised water supply system suitable for remote and low infrastructure sites.

Chennai, October 2014; An Indo-German delegation under the lead of Prof. Dr. Johannes Fritsch; (department Thermodynamics, Membrane technology; Study program: Energy and environmental engineering International; Coordinator) University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten visited Gerindtec´s Solar thermal powered desalination demonstration unit North of Chennai. The delegation was also welcomed by Dr. K.M Cherian and Mrs. Sandhya Cherian, Vice President- Frontier Mediville, who support the sustainable energy efficient solar powered desalination technologies that could help many people in remote areas to have access to safe drinking water produced from brackish water. The system was installed back in 2010.


Germany and India, September 2014; Peter Althaus was nominated as a member of the Indo-German jury for the Germany Water Partnership Award, “Indian GWP Award” which was presented on October 06, 2014 in Kochi.
First price: Mrs. Shreemoyee Bordoloi, Dibrugarh University, Assam, „Development of a Low-cost Integrated Arsenic and Iron Removal from Groundwater based on Oxidation-Coagulation at Optimized pH: Arsiron Nilogon”. Sponsor: MERCK KGaA 
Second price: Mr. Reepal Shah, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, “Real-time drought monitoring and prediction for agricultural water management in India”. Sponsor: PHOENIX CONTACT Group 
Third price: Mrs. Anjali Gopakumar, VIT University Chennai, „Development and Application of Multi stage Reversible Flow Bioreactor (MRFB) for Simultaneous Removal of Higher Concentrations of NH4-N and Organic Carbon from Wastewaters”. Sponsor: aqua & waste International GmbH.


Chennai, Dormettingen, April 2014: The board of Directors decided to change Gerindtec´s business focus for India. In the future Gerindtec will provide consulting services to international companies that would like to evaluate their current business setup in India. Over the past years the management had received inquiries from international companies to support restructuring processes for Indian sales- and service organizations.


India, January 2014: Gerindtec is listed as one of the keyplayers in Solar Desalination in India in the report prepared by © WWF-India & CEEW 2013 "Renewables Beyond Electricity".


Germany, January 01,2014: The Gerindtec Group of companies consist of Gerindtec GmbH Germany, Gerind Technology India Pvt.Ltd; Gerindtec Holdings Limited New Zealand, and Gerindtec Pty.Ltd. Australia.

From 2014 onwards Gerindtec Australia and New Zealand will promote proven solutions in the areas of drinking water treatment and the treatment of sewage water. These treatments remove medical residues and micro organisms from drinking water and waste water.

Since 2003 Gerindtec GmbH, Germany and Gerind Technology India Pvt.Ltd. have supported smaller and medium sized European companies to expand their businesses into India with the main focus being on laboratory and medical equipment and services, water treatment and renewable energies. Gerindtec´s service department in India offers installation, commissioning and warranty services for international companies in India.
Gerindtec in India was formerly known as Palss, and DKSH Technology India.

Auckland, January 01,2014: Gerindtec welcomes Mr. Charles Lockie as new shareholder of Gerindtec Holdings Limited New Zealandis and is a member of the Gerindtec Pty Ltd Board.


Reutlingen, July 23, 2013: Round Table Meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce, Reutlingen. Mrs.Tanja Gönner, the Chair of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), in conversation with Peter Althaus of Gerindtec.


Earlier News:

Kolkata, May 14th, 2013: First Seminar on Solar Water Heating System by the Government of India - Ministriy of New & Renewable Energy.

Berlin, February 2013: Gerindtec´s management is again invited to the next Sub-Group2 (SG2) meeting on "Renewable Energies" under the framework of the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF).

Chennai, December 2012: Presentation of the findings of the GIZ funded project for large scale solar application for hospitals, hotels, and apartment buildings.

India, September 2012: The developpp partners of the Sadratus Project are Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Gerindtec. Gerindtec partners with Dr. KM Cherian Heart Foundation, where the training unit is located, and with Anna University where Train the Trainer workshops for solar thermal technologies have been established,Chennai,

Chennai, August 2012: Dr. Hyacinjh J Kennady, Ph.D; .Dr. M. Subramanian, Ph.D; V. SUBBIAH, M.Sc(Engg.). Ph.D.and their students from Hindustan University visiting the solar Thermal desalination plant at Elavur, Chennai.

Chennai, May 2012: Dr Sudhir Singh, Director, MNRE and Dr DK Khare, Director MNRE visiting Gerindtec´s Solar Thermal desalination plant at Elavur.

Mumbai, December 2011: Sub Group 2 Meeting of the Indo-German Energy Forum; Chairperson from Indian contingent Mr. Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary, MNRE and Chairperson from the German contingent Dr. Martin Schoepe, Head of Division, BMU
During the Sub Group 2 meeting Gerindtec presented the status of the project for the Solar powered Desalination demonstration plant at Lakshadweep Islands.

Chennai, November 2011: Gerindtec signed an MoU with Anna University, Chennai. Prof.P.Mannar Jawahar, Vice Chancellor of Anna University welcoming Mr. Peter Althaus, CEO of Gerindtec Germany during the signing of the MoU for bilateral research and academic cooperation particularly in the area of Solar Energy offered by the Institute for Energy Studies.

Chennai, November 2011: Train the Trainer Programme on Solar Thermal Applications at Anna University

Elavur, September 2011: Dr Srinivas Reddy Dept of Mech IIT, Chennai visit the Pilot plant at Elavur close to Chennai

Chennai, September 2011: Gerindtec installed the second Modular Solar Powered Desalination System in India at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, BARC.

Chennai, June 2011: National Institute of Ocean Technologies, German Government Department "Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit GIZ", Fischer Eco Solutions, and Gerindtec agree to cooperate on Desalination Technologies.

Chennai June 2011: The Indo-German Workshop on Large Scale Solar Thermal Systems for Commercial applications and Green Buildings has been a great success.

Eschborn, Germany, December 2010: GTZ Germany and Gerindtec signed a "developpp" Contract for the SADRATUS Project which called for a Sustainable and clean drinking water supply for remote areas through the utilization of solar enhanced desalination technology.

Chennai, October 2010, Mr Al Gore 45th Vice President USA and Dr Sanjay Cherian, Director, Frontier Lifeline in discussion with Mr Peter Althaus CEO Gerindtec on the first Solar Thermal Desalination pilot plant installed in India at Frontier Mediville Elavur Chennai.

Chennai, September 2010: Gerindtec installs the first Solar powered Desalination Unit with MEH Technology in India at Dr.KM Cherian´s Bio Science Park "Mediville".