GERINDTEC is an Indo-German team of professionals , who offer their services to smaller and middle sized European / US based technological companies who wish to expand their business activities into the Indian market in the fields of the health sector and biotechnology.

With many years direct experience in India, Gerindtec and its forerunners have an excellent understanding of the Indian market and the ability to assist companies desiring expansion in India:
• to understand the market, appreciate cultural differences, local regulations, work and business culture, competition and to step into the Indian market with their first foot forward.
• to assist companies’ presently doing business in India to expand their activities effectively by identifying and overcoming bottle necks in their present set up and operations.
• To build a business plan and set up and operate Pan Indian distributor network
• To offer services in EPC, installation and the extension of after sales service

Our Expertise
Team GERINDTEC consists of professionals who have served or have done business for successful European / US based technological companies. They have long years of experience and possess a successful track record in the establishment, distribution and service of products in the fields of health sector and biotechnology.

Our Track Record 
Established a Medical products distribution agency in 1985 for South India for a range of national and global brands.
Established a Pan- India international distribution agency in 2002 with the head quarters in Germany for a range of German brands in the field of Biotechnology. 
Brands represented are Siemens, HP ERBE, Phillips, Heraeus, Kendro , ThermoFischer,Maquet, Gettinge, Binder GmbH, Hettich, MPW, Telstar, Froilabo, GFL, Hielscher, to name a few.
Experience in the direct and indirect promotion of Orthopedics implants and Instruments, Laboratory Equipment, OT & ICU equipment, CSSD equipment, Imaging systems , Telemedicine systems, Medical disposables, etc 

We have facilitated Market entry and Brand building for international companies in the areas of Bio technology research, Laboratory equipment and health care equipment 
Established Indian operations , by identifying and selecting of strong local distributors throughout India , and setting up Pan India distribution network and handing over direct operations on behalf of International companies dealing in laboratory equipment
On behalf of International clients, we have organized and/or conducted product presentations, Road shows and seminars around India. 
Liaising with government departments and regulatory authorities for company registrations and all other regulatory formalities for establishing an Indian office for international clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Successful handling of tender business with Government /Government agencies for European companies.
Logistics, Installation and commissioning of laboratory equipment and systems , in India for European companies.
Team GERINDTEC contributes the full might of their excellent in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, in assisting its clients to gain a clear understanding of the market and devise a clear road map for successfully entering of this market, subsequent operations within in the Indian market and the establishment of a lead role in their field of operation.

Services provided                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Identify potential clients, carry out effective market research by conducting a detailed pan India market survey via personal visits to potential clients and then provide their clients with an accurate market scenario, market demands, trends and the level of competition from local and international companies 
Conduct workshops/seminars to introduce new concepts and impress upon clients the techno-commercial advantages and paradigm shifts available through these newer concepts. 
Collect information regarding competing technologies , existing distribution and service network of prospective competitors, market coverage , identify present shortcomings and gaps in the market between customer expectations and the present supply chain. 
Assist the client in drawing up an effective business plan and assisting in the execution of this plan if so requested. 
Identify the best suited distributors /stockists and set up a Pan India distribution network. 
Set up Branch offices and recruit personnel at correct salary levels for setting up the complete Indian operation with direct marketing/on-line marketing and hand over of the operations to the client after establishment and initial operations. 
Set up an effective after-sales service network with an in-house or outsourced service team. 
Design and printing of technical brochures to suit market expectations for effective communications 
Provide information and assist our clients to take part in technical exhibitions and trade shows , industry workshops, and conduct road shows to discerning s customers 
Gerindtec stand for traceably, transparency, and professional approach.