AUTARCON stands for innovative, decentralized, energetically self sufficient drinking water treatment and supply. The SuMeWa|SYSTEM supplies sustainably and reliably safe drinking water - especially in developing regions.

Up to 1000 litres per hour- Independant and reliable with photovoltaic

The SuMeWa | SYSTEM can be applied as a mobile or fixed-in system. The SuMeWa | SYSTEM comes with its own solar energy
unit and can therefore work independently. It can also be easily connected to an electrical grid for back up. SuMeWa turns
contaminated fresh water to safe drinking water through odic oxidation. The chlorine which sterilizes the water is obtained from
the natural salt within the water, using only what is required. This means the system requires no chemicals and chlorine residue is
kept to the bare minimum. The chlorine keeps the drinking water safe for several days giving the community peace of mind.

For further information, please check our Autarcon movie by clicking the above picture.