AK-DOS powdered activated carbon system from SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau, promoted in Austral Asia thru Gerindtec:

Innovative micro pollutant elimination

Micro pollutants such as chemicals or pharmaceutical residues are turning up with growing frequency in waste water. This presents a challenge for the operators of municipal sewage treatment plants. Because many trace substances cannot be eliminated through conventional treatment methods, they can enter the drinking water supply. SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau, a member of the SÜLZLE Group, provides an innovative solution with its powdered activated carbon storage and metering system AK-DOS. Employed as the fourth purification stage in waste water treatment, precisely metered powdered activated carbon absorbs micro pollutants for a substantial increase in water purity.

In September 2015, stricter thresholds for micro pollutants will come into effect across Europe. These values have skyrocketed in recent years, primarily due to the rising consumption of pharmaceuticals as well as their improper disposal: several thousand tons of biologically highly active compounds enter into the waste water cycle through sanitary facilities every year. Municipal sewage treatment plants have the job of eliminating these substances. Yet many are poorly equipped for the task – pharmaceutical residues enter the water cycle and, ultimately, the drinking water supply. This results in massive environmental and health risks, as well as unforeseeable long-term effects.

To eliminate these anthropogenic trace elements, a growing number of sewage treatment plants are relying on a fourth purification stage with powdered activated carbon (PAC). Waste water that has already undergone conventional treatment is mixed with PAC, which bonds with pollutants and then either settles or is filtered out. The carbon is removed with the remaining sludge in the sedimentation basin. The fourth stage with PAC improves water purity and reduces the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the treatment plant.

SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau developed AK-DOS, the storage and metering system for powdered activated carbon, to ensure a safe, efficient use of this procedure. The system features continuous plant-specific, intake-based metering of carbon with gram level accuracy thanks to analysis data. Operators can thus reliably eliminate pollutants and simultaneously minimise costs for activated carbon. AK-DOS is therefore both ecologically sustainable and economical. Furthermore, the system operates fully automatically and is extremely low-maintenance. This reduces operating and service expenses. SÜLZLE KOPF offers AK-DOS system through Gerindtec in Austral Asia as a turnkey solution in a number of different sizes to keep installation costs to a minimum.

“With the AK-DOS system we are making an active contribution to improved water purity,” emphasises Peter Althaus. “SÜLZLE KOPF commissioned the first system in 2011, in Sindelfingen in southwest Germany.” AK-DOS not only offers safe sewage treatment at low costs, but is also up to 99.99 percent available, making it a highly reliable solution. And with optimised dimensions for specific conditions, the systems are very compact, which allows them to be easily integrated into existing sewage facilities. The comprehensive explosion protection concept ensures utmost safety. This means that smouldering fires can also be promptly detected and extinguished.


Images: The powdered activated carbon storage and metering system AK-DOS reliably eliminates micro pollutants in waste water. Source: Sindelfingen water works