Gerindtec´s second focus beside re-structuring Indian sales channels for international co operations
is being an Indo-German EPC company with its key business focus in the production of safe drinking and irrigation water through de-salination, drinking water treatment, renewable energy (Solar Thermal), sewage treatment and water management.

Gerindtec India was incorporated in 2009 as the successor company of Palss India and DKSH Technology India, operational in India since 2002 and is registered in India as a private corporation.

The promoters Mr. Peter Althaus and Mr. Suresh Oliver had identified the immense potential in renewable energy sector and decided to focus on technologies that capture and harness solar thermal energy for newer applications in water, waste water treatment, and capacity development for solar energy in India.

One of the major mandates of Indian Government is to provide sustainable solutions for the production and supply of safe drinking water in rural and poor infrastructure areas and off-grid locations.

Gerindtec and its Technology Partners have developed technologies that offer modular, compact decentralized Desalination systems, that use solar energy /waste heat and offer site specific suitable solutions to provide safe drinking water.

From 2009, till date, Gerindtec has successfully taken up its campaign of usage of solar thermal energy for small decentralized Desalination systems, to Ministry of New and Renewable energy (MNRE) and other government organizations like National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), on sustainable Technologies that use of solar thermal energy / waste heat for production of potable water from sea water / Brackish contaminated ground water.

Gerindtec also became a PPP development partner with the German government department Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Cooperation and Development.

A PPP programme on capacity development and training was successfully completed in December 2012. An in-depth programme was conducted on the developments on solar thermal energy with Anna University Chennai and also signed an MOU to jointly develop and implement training modules for capacity development in solar energy in India.
Gerindtec has also successfully conducted multiple feasibility studies and PPP programs in cooperation with other German Federal Ministry for environment.


Workshops were organized with renowned partners, government agencies and institutions in the field of water treatment and renewable energy. Gerindtec manages the cooperation between potential customers, such as Indian state-owned enterprises, institutes, as well as the private industries like hotels, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, and other Indian industries.

Gerindtec owns all necessary registrations, including import license and registrations for international money transfer. The owners and promoters have been working together since the mid-nineties in the Indian Life Sciences & Medical business and the laboratory equipment market.

Gerindtec GmbH Germany takes responsibility for the areas of supplier management, contract management and strategic negotiations, education and training, Internet, finance, order fulfillment and export controls.

Gerindtec India is responsible for the India wide market coverage and sales either directly or through regional distributors. The Indian organization covers basic system engineering,
installation, commissioning, service & maintenance.

In collaboration with GIZ Germany and Dr. Cherian of the Heart Foundation a demonstration/training facility north of Chennai was installed in 2010. This proof on concept module was tested and approved by leading agencies like NIOT, MNRE and Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) .